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Ireen Kurvers integrates her knowledge from years of study in dance, yoga, health and psychology in her work as a yoga- and dance teacher and in retreats.  She studied vinyasa yoga in India and with Shiva Rea in LA . She is a certified dance movement therapist and a certified detox coach. She graduated as a dance teacher at the dance academy in Tilburg and achieved her Masters in Dance at the University of Brighton. 

She loves the different dynamics of yoga, dance and breath. These are different ways to connect body, mind and soul and to celebrate life.  Everything she does, she does with heart and soul and pure attention. She always aims for a sense of flow and guides you in that process. 

Everything in life has its own rhythm and movement. By moving in a conscious way in yoga, dance and breath, you can connect to your own intuitive strength, joy, fulfillment and wisdom. Out of the mind, into the body. To connect to your own pulse, your own rhythm, your own flow and experience what you need right know and what can fulfill you. From pure joy to a gentle flow to a calm rhythm of breath and a silent focus. With openness and sensitivity, you can experience and strengthen all these aspects and feel vibrantly alive and whole.


ireen kurvers